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Holeshot Emgo Deluxe GP Mirrors

Holeshot Sport Touring Bars

The Holeshot deluxe GP mirrors by Emgo are very high quality, a great value, and are the ones others try to copy. They offer a clean black out look, and stay in adjustment even at speed. We carry the standard long stem versions only, and they are sold as a right and left set. This long stem version has been praised by our customers for offering improved vision and a cleaner look over those ugly stock mirrors on many models.

Note: Mirrors will fit any non faired bike with standard 10mm x 1.25mm fine thread stems. They measure about 8.5 " from the center of the threaded post to the outer edge of the housing, and 8 3/8" from the base to the top of the outer edge as shown. Depending on the bike they may or may not improve the vibration or fuzzy vision effect, and may not be longer than your original factory mirrors.

Mirrors Feature: Black chrome stems, impact resistant black casings and large rectangular 5 1/8" x 3 5/16" "True Vision" reflective surface to show actual rear view distance.

Please note these cannot be returned for a refund.

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Note: If you own another naked model and want the extensions please call Dale for info.

Holeshot Sport Touring Bars
The long stem mirrors look much cleaner than the ugly
stockers and offer excellent vision
Holeshot Sport Touring Bars
Holeshot Deluxe GP Emgo Mirrors
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