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Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars

Holeshot Touring Bars

Dale tested quite a few sets of handle bars, bar risers and bar backs out there, and just was not happy with bend or the erector set look of all that ugly stuff bolted together. Instead he thought out of the box and got to work on developing and testing the new Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars. After making 3 prototype sets with different bends and rises, the finished product is just what the doctor ordered. Dale feels most stock handle bars needed to be closer to the rider and slightly higher. The Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars take the load off your shoulders and hands, but also help eliminate being pulled forward. The final bend is also fantastic, taking the load / kink off your wrists, that many funky original OEM bars seem to do. They also offer plenty of adjustment front to back to suite your needs, and the extra width also make’s a heavy bike flick and handle so much better you wont believe it.

The Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars are CNC bent and made from DOM American 7/8" inch steel tubing, then powder coated in a 60 % gloss satin black finish. The ID will fit the original bar ends, after market or the Throttlemeister, but must be lightly sanded or tootsie rolled inside for a perfect fit. Since different year models use different switch assemblies, the customer must also drill the holes for the switches once you have the bars installed. The stock brake lines and cables may have to be changed, but most wires looms seem to reach with some minor re-routing. If you have a hard time reaching your stock bars, or your shoulders start killing you when you ride, then consider giving the new Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars a try. You wont be sorry, these blow away the Daytona bars you may have heard about as far as the bend, quality, flex and finish!

Holeshot Touring Bars
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Holeshot Comfort Touring Bars
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