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Holeshot Muffler DB Killer Testimonials

Hi Dale,

I had bought this FZ1 used and it had this Nice Holeshot System, but it was a little too loud for my taste and I like to be Under the Radar. I did not want to spend more money to replace it, just tone it down. Now with the new DB Killer from Dale Walker. It sounds a little bit subdued without loosing its throaty sound. You can hear the nice rumble without being overbearing and seems to have no effect on the power range. Of course, if I want to take it out, it can be unscrewed and removed in minutes. Thanks Dale! Jerry S. (Atlanta Metro, Georgia)
Hi Dale,

Recently installed your DB Killer on my 1st Gen FZ1. The fit & finish of the part is outstanding (as usual for your stuff). On approaching 60k miles for the muffler, the 'bark' was getting a little more pronounced as the packing breaks down. I was looking at a rebuild or even a new slip-on to take the edge off the sound (I leave at 5AM for work). This DB Killer turns out to be a very cost effective and simple solution - remove one screw and you can undo. Anyone with your muffler looking to lower the sound decibels should try your DB Killer...PEP