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Kawasaki Versys 1000

Hi Dale,

Thanks for walking me through the benefits of the Holeshot Corbin seat for my Versys 1000 before I made my order. I ordered immediately and received 7 days later in good condition. Installation and fit were perfect, comfort is better than I expected. I am big guy and I was worried that the seating depth may not be enough. I actually have a little room to move around when needed. With the stock seat I had one sitting position and could not move at all to relief pressure points. Looking forward to many miles on my new Holeshot seat. Bob
Hi Dale,

Just received your seat I purchased from you for my Versys 1000. I went for my first ride, and it is awesome... positions me down more into the bike and now I'm looking through my windscreen, which is a Vstream large, at its lowest level ...your video was spot on, room to move around in the seat, and not pushing me forward...great design!!

A Big Thanks... Dave Fleck
Hi Dale,

Just a note to let you know my Holeshot Versys seat arrived safe and sound. Rode today with many pain free miles. Perfect.

Thanks for a great product!

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Ed Colandrea
Hello Dale,

The saddle finally arrived yesterday and I've dropped it on the bike today.
As you said, it was superbly packaged, so thanks to your wife.
The saddle is awesome, a great bit of kit and fantastic quality.
I've managed to get out for an hour on it and it feels superb. It seems to have sorted the issues of the old one.
Looking forward to longer rides out and getting the other half on the back. Hopefully the weather won't turn too soon, though its just been the Nottingham Goose Fair, which is the start for Autumn over here.
Thanks again, and I'll certainly be recommending you over here in the UK.

King Regards, Ian
Hi Dale, here is my experience with your Versys 1000 Touring Bar kit that I posted on the Versys forum!

The Versys 1000 is a sporty ride, but it's also a touring bike. Maybe Kawasaki attempted to find a happy medium in some areas, but the stock bars leave a lot to desire for many of us. I wouldn't have thought anything of it as a young fella. I'm no longer a youngster and after about 55 years of motorcycling some of the joints are a bit creaky. Wrists and shoulders especially.

After buying the Versys I took one good ride and knew the bars would be giving me fits. So, a set of Motorwerk bar risers were ordered ASAP. This is a top quality product that raises the bars by an inch and therefore brings them back some due to the fork angle. "Well, this is better" I concluded, and decided I'd have to live with the compromise. That is, until recently when someone on this forum brought to my attention the touring bars recently designed by Holeshot Performance just for our bikes! Cool.

I called Holeshot and ordered a kit which included the bars and all necessary hardware to reuse the factory hand guards. Kawasaki really skimped with these guards, but I already own them and, other than how incredibly fragile they are, I like them. The cost with shipping was just under $200. Well worth it IF they would do what I needed them to do. That's always the question, isn't it?

Shipping was very quick. The box included everything I ordered and the hardware kit is complete down the last washer. The finish is nice, powder coated I think, not sure. Installation took more time than I anticipated, but I was in no hurry and the half-a$$ed design Kawasaki uses to bolt on the hand guards wasn't particularly mechanic friendly. I'm sure this moronic design is another cost cutting measure to allow the use of parts that were made for another model.

I emailed Dale, the owner, before ordering, and asked a question about dimensions. Didn't really get much in the way of an answer...but then measuring something this complex isn't easy. So many angles. After unboxing them I took some measurements and found them to be 2 inches taller than stock and 2.5 inches narrower at 29.5 inches. There is more sweep-back, but that proved to be a difficult thing to quantify. Initially I felt the additional sweep was less than I had hoped for.

I had the opportunity to do a 125 mile ride today and here are my impressions:

Height: Perfect for me and I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam
Width: Great! And now I get a much better view of my shoulders in the mirrors! OK, that's not a plus, but the width is comfy for me.
Sweep: This can vary as you rotate the bars in the mounts, but angled back to the point that everything clears the tank lock to lock by about 1/2 inch, it's almost what I wanted. I have wrist and shoulder problems and these are just what the doctor ordered.

All of my needs for handlebar comfort are well met. It's an individual thing, but in my case these bars go way beyond what any rises could have done for me. I'm happy. My riding posture is more upright like many riders want on a touring bike, and all of the pressure has been taken off my wrists, (thank goodness). The front cruise pegs work better now as this position allows me to easily push my backside off the seat up against the step. I did this frequently on the Goldwing and it can extend a riding day by a bunch if necessary.

It may be my imagination, but the handling seemed slightly different to me and it may take a ride or two before it feels completely natural. This isn't a negative comment and may not reflect anyone else's experience. Purely subjective. Honestly, I felt a little less sure in the high-speed cornering but better balanced on the bike for low speed handling. The different feeling in the highway cornering will disappear shortly and the better low speed feeling will remain. Gotta love that!

The one and only minor negative I've found is that the finish is extremely easily marred or scratched. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. I was a little surprised at this. The narrowing of the mirrors is inevitable with the narrower bars and I will need to do some adjusting to get them the best I can.

Dale supplies good instructions for installation, plus you can watch a video or two online if you want. I understand R&D and I'm guessing Dale put in a lot of time and effort getting this product just right. Job well done.

Cheers, Dan Meler
Hello Dale,

After buying your Versys 1000 bars a few months ago I sent you a brief review, which was favorable.

I just returned from a 2500 mile trip on the bike and wanted to let you know the bars worked perfectly. My worst problem with the factory bars was some pretty bad wrist pain both left and right. Very unpleasant. Your new design fixed that. THANK YOU!

Just as a side note, at 70 years old, riding presents physical challenges that didn't exist in the past for me. One is the discomfort of keeping the right hand on the throttle all the time on long rides. An $800 cruise control is a no-go because the money is lost when selling the bike. Throttle locks are useless on any but level ground (which we have little of in the Pacific NW). So...I did what most would consider crazy and added a throttle to the left side. Works great for me (wouldn't recommend for everyone) and that has cured that annoyance.

Hope to stop in and see you sometime when I get down your way.Dan (Medford, OR)