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Dale's ZRX 1100 / 1200 Fork Brace is a real work of art. It is beautifully CNC machined from 6061 T6 billet air craft aluminum. It dramatically reduces fork flex which really helps stability and improves handling in the twisties. The agressive rider will really appreciate this brace. Dale's 5 piece design is super strong, easily installed and eliminates the chance of fork bind when torqued down. Others braces are two parts, which in Dale's opinion can cause fork stiction, due to tolerance differences between forks and bikes from the factory. The Holeshot design costs more to produce but is a superior design in this respect. Its finished in black anodized to blend in with the fork legs and radiator for a super clean look. Stainless allen bolts are also included.

Note: Bug protectors must be removed.

Holeshot ZRX Fork Brace
DescriptionPart #Price
ZRX 1100 Holeshot Fork Brace ZRX11-FB$166.00/each
ZRX 1200 Holeshot Fork Brace ZRX12-FB$149.95/each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice