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Holeshot Stage 1 Modified Jet Kit

Kawasaki ZRX-1100/1200

NOTE: This product is not legal, for sale or use on California vehicles!

Dale's Stage 1 Modified Jet Kit retains the air box for a stock look and a more economical setup. It has produced up to 104 rear wheel hp from the 1100, up to 115 rear wheel hp out of the 1200, and more torque with the Holeshot Slip-on tested on Dale's Dyno Jet Dyno. It will also work fine with other after-market exhaust systems. Dale's kit includes original Keihin main jets, Dale's own designed hard anodized aluminum needles, e-clips, shims, and replacement washable, high-flow K&N filter for the air box. A 4-6 hp gain and smooth torque curve is not uncommon. Dale also provides very easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions and tuning tips. This makes it very nice for the home tuner. This kit was street tested and dyno developed by Dale himself. Add the new Holeshot Header System and expect an additional 6-8 hp above the Slip-on.

Kit now includes K & N high-flow air filter.

"I also have the ZRX-1200 Stage 1 Modified Jet Kit ready. It produced up to 115 rear wheel hp @ 82.4 ft. lbs. on my Dyno Jet Dyno in conjunction with the Holeshot Slip-on. It offers very smooth power delivery throughout and is simple to dial in. The kit also includes a K&N replacement air filter."

Click here for ZRX-1100 before and after dyno numbers.

Click here for ZRX-1200 before and after dyno numbers.

Holeshot ZRX 4-1 Meg System
Description Part # Price
ZRX-1100 Stage 1 Jet Kit ZRX11-JK1M $186.00 / each
ZRX-1200 Stage 1 Modified Jet Kit ZRX12-JK1M $186.00 / each
K&N Recharger Kit
K&N Recharger Air Filter Service Kit

The K&N Recharger cleaning kit includes the 12 oz bottle of air filter cleaner and the 6.5 oz air filter oil spray. This is the best way to go for cleaning and maintaining your K&N air filters. Doing so will make them last and last, keep the carbs or injectors cleaner and offer the best performance.

Description Part # Price
K&N Recharger Kit 99-5000 $19.95 / each
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