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Billet Machined G2 Throttle Tamer

Suzuki DL-1000 (2014+)

The G2 throttle tamer is a direct replacement CNC machined aluminum throttle tube that vastly improves the throttle response and snatch right off the bottom and at low rpm. The G2 design has a different ramp ratio so it opens the butterflies much smoother and at a lower rate when you roll back into the throttle. Note : This is not a cure all, and Dale's Supertune pro tune is still the must, but it is a very nice finishing touch for the 2014 + DL-1000, and a must for the 2016 + GSX-S1000/F.

Billet Machined G2 Throttle Tamer for Suzuki DL-1000 (2014+)
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G2 Throttle TamerG2TT-S$79.95 / each
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