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Holeshot Customer Testimonials

Suzuki DL-1000 V-Strom (2014+)


Rode 400 total miles today on the 14 VStrom 1000 on freeways, country roads, and 200 miles of twisties with the new Holeshot/Corbin seat and my new Adventure style MotoSkiveez - and it was sunny, hot, and 90°. Results? I could have ridden 400 more. No butt-ache, no monkey-butt from sweat, and the seat fits amazing - even brand new and not broken in. I really like the positive feel from the seat when I'm hanging off in the turns. Well done guys.
My parts and I are very happy. Phil Stearns, Director of Sales at Stevens Aviation
Dale & Liza,

Thanks for the quick shipment & terrific packaging … and what a exquisitely designed DL-1000 seat!!! As an old guy – nearly 67 chronologically … but closer to 17 psychologically – I really appreciate the amazing comfort. And that is sitting on a seat not broken in yet … I’ve only got 100 miles on it so far … Wow!

I’m about six feet tall with a 32 inch inseam … so on the stock seat, I was only navigating on the tips of my boots. Now I’m flat-footed & planted securely on the bike – that is also a world of difference for an old guy too! Plus, I no longer slide all over the place like I did on the stock seat – which was just awful with chronic prostatitis. Unknown
Dale & Liza,

My slip-on arrived today and I promptly installed it on my 2015 DL1000A. It looks great, sounds amazing, and I could swear my "Beak Strom" had a smile on its face when I got back in after the test ride. Thanks again for producing such a quality product and providing great customer service. Mark Brantley
Hi Dale,

...got the Holeshot comfort bars on and they are the ducks guts
...real good
...they feel right
...got out for a few hours today
...really enjoyed the ride
...stumbled on you by googling
...more comfortable bars for the late model V Strom
...anyhow worth the effort
...I’m 64 so things is aching
...need all the help I can get
...so thanks mate! Leigh Burgess, Brisbane, Australia
Our customer and friend Scott Brown's beautiful 2018 V Strom 1000 with 17" Holeshot slip-on.Scott Brown