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Suzuki DL-650 V-Strom Owner Testimonials

(from talk lists and Holeshot emails)


I am Very Pleased to report that I got all my Holeshot Stuff installed into my '09 DL650. I installed your Holeshot slip-on Muffler conversion kit ( with the DBK ) and the Holeshot Supertune Tuning Box.

I am also Pleased to report that a Test Ride has Confirmed that all is well.... The Exhaust Noise Level is PERFECT ! The bike Started-up and Ran great ! After I got the engine up to proper operating temperature, I red-lined 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear. At 10,000 rpm, the power started to roll off a bit ( as I would expect ). There are NO Hick-ups or Flat Spots noted. The Abrupt Throttle that I complained about ( in the lower gears and rpms, before installing your stuff ) is almost, or 99% entirely gone ! I am VERY Pleased ( So Far ). Fuel Economy also is very close to stock so that’s great as well.

My DL now runs and sounds almost as Puss as my '14 R1200GS !
Again, THANKS, Dale ! And Thanks Daryl for turning me on to your friend, Dale !

DALE ! Update
Here is a picture of my '09 DL650 as promised. The bike runs so dam good, Im not making any adjustments to your settings. Today, I stood on the footpegs and did tight figure 8's In a parking lot. I do this exercise ( and others ), mainly to practice my balance and low-speed off-road riding skills. The maneuver was difficult with the " Abrupt Throttle " that I had before. Other tests confirm that Throttle Abruptness is no longer a problem ! I also tanked-up today and it appears as though I'm getting 50 mpg or better. That's not too shabby. I need to do more testing to know for sure how it compares to what I got before, but 50 mpg is quite acceptable. I'll give you a shout if I get out your way later on this year !

David Bright (Colfax, CA)

Hey Dale installed the TFI box yesterday so far everything is working great no more surging or hesitation. I had the best commute I have ever had yesterday it's like riding A new bike they way it should have been from the factory I love it!!
Thanks again.

Ryan Steward (California)

Hi Dale! Thanks a bunch for that Holeshot / Corbin 650 V Strom seat for my 2012 model, It's freakin' AWESOME. It used to be that I thought the Bill Mayer seat on my DR650 was the best seat I'd ever sat on. Now it's this one. Fantastic. I did four hours yesterday on it, and the only issue I had was my underwear seams starting to become annoying. ;)

Its heavy compared to stock, but Im sure has to be so its supports the back rest front or rear.


Hi Dale,

I'd like to thank you for your prompt service and excellent product. On Jan 17th I ordered your Holeshot/Corbin seat for my 08 V Strom. I flew from my home in Canada to Phoenix on the 18th, where my bike was, seat was delivered on the 19th. Over the next 6 days i rode 2000 miles and can describe the seat as AWESOME! Thanks again for service and great seat.


Thanks Dale for designing such a comfortable replacement seat for my 2009 DL650A & DL 1000 . After 1,000 around town "break-in" miles for the new seat, finally took it on a two-day 18 hours in the saddle trip and it performed MUCH BETTER than expected! Lots of twisties confirmed the improved handling of sitting "inside" allowing the hips to do a lot of the work - plus the narrower profile near the tank got the legs snugged in very well. Handling also improved with a lower center of gravity from the 1" drop in height (plus 1" with lowering links). Top rate construction and finish make for one fine (and COMFORTABLE!) ride.

Much thanks for many miles to come.

Jer (Seattle, WA)


Thanks so much for getting the slip-on conversion to me so quickly. Instructions were clear and installation was easy with everything slipping into place like it should – no grinding or forcing to make parts fit. I also purchased the DB killer and installed it before starting or riding the bike and I am glad I got it. The sound is perfect. Loud enough to satisfy but not so loud that it irritates others. I noticed improved power in the mid and higher RPM range. Low RPM performance seemed the same as stock which is great as I was concerned that I would loose some performance there. I have noticed a decrease in MPG but that is because I am having a lot more FUN on the bike and riding it harder & faster. The best thing about putting this system on my bike is that it changed either the bikes character or they way I viewed it. I really liked the bike before but it bothered me that it sounded like a sewing machine. The bike is so practical that I kind of felt like I was driving the family station wagon – good at lots of stuff but not exciting. A buddy commented that before the pipe I was kind of embarrassed to be on the bike but now he sees me taking pride in the bike. Sounds pretty shallow – but that’s me.

I will also let guys know how i like it on Stromtrooper.com

Steve Inabnit

Dale, i wanted to let you know that the 650 V Strom mirror extenders work great on my 2007 model. At last I can see a car when it is directly behind me.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!


Bob Wardley (Canada)

Dear Dale,

I ordered a Holeshot Performance Slip-on Exhaust for my 2004 V Storm on 1 Feb 2004 and received it a few days later. Following your instructions it took about an hour to install as I cut the stock pipe and the heat shield on the bike by hand. Other than that it was a very simple straight forward installation on the bike. I have to say that your claims for increased horsepower and torque are apparent the minute you twist the throttle and start to pull away from a stop. The bike runs stronger, revs smoother and sounds fantastic not too loud just right kind of pleasing V-Twin type of cadence to the exhaust note. Just to let you know that you have great people working in your ordering department as they made the buying experience very pleasurable.

Many Thanks

John Enright, (Alexandria Virginia)

I've had my slip-on's for a couple weeks now. It went on very well and is a high quallity muffler. At first I thought it was too loud, probably because stock is so quiet, but now I like it. My biggest fear was that the bike might run worse but it runs great.

Thanks, Dale

Larry Betts

One of the minor problem areas of the Suzuki V-Strom is the narrowness of the mirrors. Whereas the image is clear and the size of the mirror is great, they are placed to close together and the rider's shoulders block part of the view.

Dale's mirror extensions are the solution. They both raise and spread the mirrors for a much better rear view. The clarity of the stock Suzuki mirrors remains while the installation is straightforward. These extensions make for a clean installation. I am very happy with the results.

Greg (Clermont, FL)


Just a short note to thank you for the new pipe. I fitted it yesterday and it has transformed my bike !! I didn't like the original sound but had resigned myself to the fact that there was NO alternative until I saw one on a bike during a rally. The difference in performance is also very noticable. I can't wait to get out on the open road and ride for a couple hours. Great job !!

I will probably have to send one to my father in South Africa now !

Mark Forshaw