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Owner Testimonials

Suzuki GSX-S1000/F

Hey Dale,

I would like to do a brief testimonial of what I feel about your accessories and how they all work together on my model of bike. I'm astonished, 100% blown away, and 200% satisfied with the outcome after the Holeshot Supertune pro tuner, and the Arrow Headers have been installed on my bike. The power increases, incredible gains in pull throughout the rev range, and plain smoothness the bike now runs are mind blowing. I can see all the time and dedication you put into this model, and how you pre set the tuner is a huge plus for the customer. Also the Holeshot slip-on 14" muffler and mid pipe is exactly what I had hoped for. It produces a beautiful howl when gunning the bike and all but disappears in sound level when cruising at steady throttle. I will rave about your work with this model of bike across every forum I am a member of, and send as much business your way as I can. Folks these days talk hard and heavy about how much time and effort they put into their work and it's rare to find someone speaking honestly. You are one of the rare and hard to find folks. Wish you the best and if ever I am in need of advice or accessories, I will be bugging you first.

Thanks again Dale! Tyler Braga
Thank you Holeshot Performance.

After looking a solution to the poor OEM mapping I first looked at the Power Commander. $450+ and $300 worth of dyno tuning. I came across Dale Walker's Holeshot Performance (holeshot.com). Dale offers his Supertune Pro Tuner with his in house dyno developed fuel mapping pre-programed, in Stage 1 or Stage 2. He also offers the Arrow Header with a 14" Holeshot Slip-On muffler kit. I ordered the Stage 2 Tuner, Arrow Exhaust/Holeshot Muffler, Servo Eliminator and G2 Throttle Tamer. The parts arrived Friday morning and I went to work.

While the bike was apart I also performed the 600 Mi oil/filter change and installed a 16T countershaft sprocket. Total time was about 7 hours. First impression was a big smile! After 150 miles this weekend It gets even better. The weak, stumbling, surging from 2500-4000 was totally gone, It will pull down to 25 mph in sixth gear and pull away electric motor smooth. Part throttle roll-ons in any gear is much stronger., Did I mention That this thing totally rips hard to the limiter.The Holeshot 14" muffler is quiet enough, Losing about 16 pounds and fuel mileage seems to have slightly improved is a bonus.

Thank You Dale Walker/Holeshot Performance!

Read more here... Al Papitto
Hi Dale,

I Just wanted to let you know I got Your Holeshot Supertune pro tuner installed along with the filter and throttle tamer (my dealer actually owed me a favor and they did it as part of the 600mi service), and SO glad I did this! It has made a huge difference in the stop and go riding in town, and the awful pavement in Seattle. Thanks again for your customer service and getting on the phone with me at the time of purchase. I will highly recommend this mod to any GSX S1000 owner!

Thanks again and I'll keep in touch moving forward as you suggested for other improvements as they become available. Steve, West Seattle

Im really happy with the Holeshot Supertune tuner on my new Suzuki GSX.

I recently posted this on one of the forums to let other owners know the results.

The GSXS 1000 is one of the best bikes I have owned but it does have one glitch. The throttle response at low revs, and the roll on and off snatch.

I wanted this solved. I went through all the available options. Then I remembered Dale Walker from Holeshot Performance in days when I had a Bandit with his stage 2 carb kit.

I was pleased to see that Dale had worked over the GSXS 1000. In fact he bought one too. What impressed and convinced me to get his Holeshot EFI tuner was that unlike other vendors there were Dyno charts on the website and videos of Dale testing out the tunes, and one where he demonstrates rolling the throttle on and off. Science and good promotion. I also called him, he said the throttle response was about 95% sorted out and added it was worth getting the G2 as they work well together as the final touch.

I bought the kit which included the K&N air filter and G2 throttle. I fitted the G2 first without the EFI as I was curious to see what difference it would make - it did a little but not a full solution.

I then installed the EFI. The hardest part was getting the plastic panels off without breaking the well-hidden tags. (Now that I know....). The EFI installation was straight forward. It basically connects in series with the injectors. It's all "plug and play" since Dale pre sets every tuner personally. Nothing changes it's just an addition.

I just went for a run. MAGIC !! It's actually night and day. The bike is more responsive and smooth.

I'm not in for performance and top speed, the original specs on this bike's power is more than ample for me, and like I said, I got the Holeshot EFI for curing throttle glitch.

But after the first test I found it not only has controllable throttle but smoothly goes like a bat of ****.

There isn't much that will touch these bikes on acceleration as standard but I would really say by feel the 0-60 rating has improved. Smooth, not just in the low rev range but all the way up. Like ripping silk.

So the glitch is out of there and I have a bonus.

What's also good is that it is adjustable. It doesn't need to be as it is set up from the dyno runs he does. But it does mean if later one goes for an exhaust header system it can be tweaked. Dale can help you with this or will even reset the tuner free of charge if call him and send it to him.

So yes highly recommended! Dave Flood

My GSX-1000 is now a whole different animal! You rocked this performance package! No snatchy throttle, just a dream ride now, and fast as hell. I will let you know how it runs at Bandimere. Glad to have run into your website. You and Liza have a great week.

Cheers, GSX Mark
I finished installing the Arrow header, Holeshot 14” High Flow Street Core Muffler, O2 bypass, Servo eliminator, Throttle tamer, Holeshot Supertune Pro Tuner with Dale Walker’s stage 2 tune, K&N air filter with baffle delete on Christmas Eve. I’m telling you this motorcycle positively screams now.

The quiet exhaust is something that I could never really come to embrace, so I decided that a header was the best option to deal with that. I also knew that my Yoshimura Alpha slip on would be silly loud with full exhaust swap. After talking to Dale personally (fantastic human being by the way), I decided on the longer, quieter 14” slip on. I am so glad I chose it! It howls at WOT, but can be driven gently at reasonable level of volume. It sounds so much better now, like an in-line 4 should.

I am a 49 year old man that can appreciate the quiet cruise aspect! I have owned many, many motorcycles in my life, but honestly, this one is special. It is comfortable for long hauls, stupid quick when I want it to be, fast at the drag strip with my riding buddies, and now I gotta get it on a real track with turns.

I club raced some years ago, and believe this would be fun! I have a first gen SV650s that I will probably turn into a dedicated track bike at some point, but I gotta see what I can do on this thing. Like the title says, a great bike made even better!! Btw, I am a real person, with a real 2016 naked non-ABS gsxs1000!

Cheers, Todd - Holeshot Performance GSX-1000 Customer on Suzuki Forum
Hey Dale,

Just wanted to follow up after the install and a few rides. What a difference your complete tune kit made on my GSX-S1000. Super tune pro tuner, 02 bypass, K&N filter, and Throttle tamer.

The throttle response is now so linear and predictable. The bike feels a bit faster too. It pulls hard through all the gears. The install was super easy thanks to the instructions you have on the website. I’m really happy with the purchase. Thanks!! Pat
Hi there Dale,

I hope you're going well!

I just wanted to get back to you to let you know that I'm now extremely happy with my GSX-S1000 after installing your Pro-Tuner, along with my Yosh Alpha slp-on.

It now pulls like a train right through the rev range & is also nice & smooth off idle!

The terrible jerky throttle response is now gone!

Cheers, Mark Monnier, Australia
Hi Dale,

Just wanted to let you know I love my GSX-1000 parts. I recently installed your complete Holeshot Supertune Pro tuner kit, with your slip-on, and Arrow front race header. The tuner is spot on and the bike hauls butt! My local dyno guy ran it, and it made 163 HP at the rear wheel.

Thank you for a great product, and all the testing you do! Todd Waggerman

A big thank you to you and Liza; for your excellent products, support and service.

I now have 2 bikes that simply rock. The difference from the stock / OEM bikes I bought, to today, is incredible; and I could not be happier.

All the best...................Peter A Pelletier