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Holeshot Rear Fender Eliminator Kit

2004-2005 GSX-R 600/750 Models Only!

The late model GSX-R 600-750 Holeshot rear fender eliminator is a very clean set up to remove the stock ugly back fender. It includes a strong, yet light weight pre drilled aluminum custom tray, Cat eye blinkers, our stainless blinker bracket and Holeshot Performance license plate frame. The tray is Powder coated in a gloss black finish, that not only looks great but also protects it from the elements. The kit is an easy, no cutting bolt on unit using the original inner fender mounting bolts. The license plate mounting holes are also slotted from top to bottom. This allows you to adjust it for proper blinker clearance if our high pipe is being installed, or push it all the way up if you don't need the additional clearance. The kit is available complete or without the cat eye blinkers and bracket.

NOTE: Cutting and splicing the original blinker wire connectors is necessary to install the cat eye turn signals!
2004-2005 GSX-R 600/750 Rear Fender Eliminator Kit
DescriptionPart #Price
Complete KitGSXR-FEK-CE$109.00 / each
Kit w/o Blinkers or BracketGSXR-FEK-NB$82.00 / each
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