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SV1000 Owner Testimonials

(From talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)

I just completed converting an 05SV1K S to my version of an N and finished it off with a set of high mounts. Out of the box I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, then was really happy that the installation was so easy. No struggles what so ever. Then, the real pleasure was standing back and admiring their look. I lied....it was quadruple pleasure firing her up and listening to those cans. All I can say is, wow! Every time I fire her up now, it makes me so happy I made the right choice.

Hey Dale I have a update for you



Cheers, Carl Acevedo(Florida)
Hey Dale,

Attached is my 2007 SV1000s, this is how is used when I commute to work and my days of just riding enjoyment Your advice and experience is VERY well appreciated. It was helpful when I was making decision on what to do and what options I wanted.

The EFI Supertune tuner with your settings REALLY smooth out my ride and has improved it dramatically. after your recommendations and feedback I went with the SLIP ON canisters, whiched opened up the ride, --- just hard to explain, but the V-twin has a NICE sound, NOT loud and performance has improved across the board. My SV like to spin up quicker, but really don't need to push past 5000 RPMs as the low-end , mid-range is much improved.
I've also used your undertail replacement, very simple.. too.
Overall VERY PLEASE, by the smile, people can't see in my helmet, when i'm riding...

Thank, for your experience and quality products Leo (Louisiana)
Hi Dale

Your SV seat allows me to ride indefinitely, when before my butt would start hurting after about 45 minutes. Also, my "boys" don't go numb like they do with the stock seat. And it fits my 03 SV 1000 N perfectly, so you can add 03 N's (but not the S) to the compatibility list Addison
Hey Dale, thanks again for the settings on my SV-1000 EFI Supertune tuner I recieved last week. We talked briefly on the phone and I did as you sugested, took the TRE off, and the bike runs great. The improvement is very good for throttle responce and acceleration, and i can't believe how much smoother it is. After riding it stock with your Holeshot slip-ons for 15,000 miles, its like having a new bike all over again.

Its been a pleasure, Chris
Hey Dale!

Sorry it's been so long, I've been in and out of town all year preparing for Afghanistan. I'm currently finishing up some training at Fort Lee, VA; I finish up this weekend, fly home for the holiday and then next week I'm off to the MOB site (mobilization site) in Texas for a month. As soon a we finish our training we're headed straight to Afghanistan for 9-10 months (probably around the fourth of July). I wanted to let you know that in late March I installed the high pipes and I absolutely love them; the way they sound and look. When I get home from Afghanistan I plan on buying a Concourse 14 for the long rides, I'm going to keep the SV for around town and play time.

I tell my buddies about your products and what a great patriot you are and how you support of what we do. Thanks for everything and I'll stay in touch.

CW2 Patrick F. Lee
U.S. Invasion of Panama Veteran 89'
Persian Gulf War Veteran 90'-91'
Iraq War Veteran 03'-05' & 08'-09'

Thanks again Patrick F. Lee
Hi Dale

I wanted to let you know that I got my SV 1000S TFI fuel processor hooked up easily following your on-line tutorial. Full throttle acceleration has significant extra thrust and the motor has seamless power throughout RPM range.
I am really pleased with the performance increase, and appreciate your phone help and your settings that were spot on

Thanks, Mike
Hello again Dale,

I received the Holeshot Pyramid Hugger today. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the product. After hearing all the horror stories about other huggers for the SV1000 model range,i am relieved that it went straight on without fuss. Thank you again for all your help and service,

Cheers Brian (Australia)
Hey Dale,
Love the sound and looks of the Holeshot high mount exhaust with the TFI box. You make a great product Dale.
Thanks Jon Van Allen
Hey Dale, greetings from Norway
Got the cans yesterday and mounted them today. They look and soundsrealy REALY GREAT.
Attached a pic of my SV-1000 S
Thanks for all the help and i`ll get back to you if i need anything else. Eric Berensten
G'day Dale, Brad cooper from Australia

Happy New Year!

Well, what can I say about the holeshot parts I have finally found the time to fit to my SV-1000 ...I can start off by saying how excellent my bike now is and what a vast improvement!! Things I have noticed since putting the holeshot parts on...

Improved power
Improved throttle control
Improved handling
Improved cooling
Improved sound
Improved looks (high pipes, along with the fender eliminator and flush mount blinkers)

Now handling and cooling you may think are figment of my imagination, but I am seriously noticing a big difference in the way the bike handles (maybe aided by the drop of weight from the standard parts?) and the temp it sits at when I am in traffic at low speeds, or stopped (it's running about 3degrees celsius cooler on average). I love it!!

I am yet to take any pics of it, mainly because it has not been cleaned up since the install and I'd be embarrassed showing it in it's dirty state. I'll get onto it soon though and send some pics through...nothing you haven't seen before I'm sure, but you at least get to see an aussie licence plate on an SV....maybe that will be new for you?

So, once again thankyou for everything. I love the parts and they have made a massive difference to my bike.

Cheers, Brad Cooper (Australia)
The pipes look super, especially the black on black look. And they sound awsome! Just what i was looking for, ..am pleased with the whole system. Thomas
Very pleased with the slip-ons for my SV. As usual with Dale's products the quality is the best. The fit and finish are great and his attention to detail as usual is superb.Great V-twin sound without being obnoxious. They seemed to improve the mid range response and power. Mike Sinnott
TO CUSTOMERS OF HOLESHOT: Please do not buy these Suzuki SV1000S high pipes and undertail! They are no good for you. Your friends will hate you, your mother will hate you, your girlfriend will hate. Mostly, I will hate you!

Why? Because my bike looks and sounds (and runs) pretty damn good with this Holeshot stuff on it and I want to remain unique and cool. I don't need copycats or lookalikes jamming up my image. Stay home, stay stock or stay away from me if you do. I like them and I don't want to share.

Nyaah! Nyaah! Nyaah! Professor Holt
Dear Dale:

Cans were a perfect fit, and the quality throughout is just incredible. Oh, and the sound quality is incredible too: throaty and deep, but not obnoxious. If you value attention to detail, these are your pipes.
And the personal service from the owner himself is unheard of nowadays.
Thank you for a fantastic product, and a fantastic buying experience. You definitely get what you pay for gentlemen. And I'm a picky guy; ask Dale. Juan C. Cos (El Paso, TX)
I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome sounding set of pipes. The high mount setup for the SV1000s is by far the best looking and sounding exhaust I have ever installed. I can't thank you enough. The craftsmanship is second to none. I have been a Tig welder for the last 10 years and can't believe how well the welds look on this system. Darn near robotic. Congrats on a great set of pipes and THANK GOD I found them. Tim S. (Robins AFB GA)
Hi Dale

These great sounding Holeshot powder satin black mufflers matched my bikes paint scheme perfectly and the tail eliminator and tighter signal lights cleaned it up very nicely. Geoffrey Kiester (Elk Grove, CA)
Dear Dale
Thanks for the GREAT Product my bike is totally changed I can't believe how much more planted the bike feels because the wind is off my chest and it looks sooooo cool also.
Thanks Again Mike Christie (Aurora Illinois)
Hi Dale,
I received the exhaust cans yesterday and mounted them up. Very simple installation. They are absolutely beautiful and look great on the bike. I blocked off the PAIR hose to the air box. I rode it to work today. The exhaust note is exactly what I was looking for. At idle a little louder than stock. On the road I can now hear the exhaust. It is music to my ears. No popping/backfiring at all. I had a shiteating grin on my face all the way to work.
I am super pleased. The shipping packaging was excellent with no damage at all. I might also add that previously I purchased the Napolean mirrors and extenders from you for my bike and I am also very pleased with the result. The rear view is outstanding. I also have the Pyramid Plastics hugger I bought from you. I didn't care for the gloss black as my bike is the 03 blue. I spray painted it stain black. It now looks excellent and the fit (with some minor filing to the mounting holes ... no blame on you as you did not manufacture the hugger) is perfect. I commend you on your product workmanship, in particular the polished low mounts. At this point I don't need after-the-sale tech support but if I ever do I know you are there. By the way ... I posted a thread on the SV1000 Portal forum under 'Tweaking Tuning & Tricking' entitled 'No popping on decel w/Holeshot'. It's a big and well deserved plug for you. If you have time read it. Thank you for an excellent product well worth the price. I will highly recommend Holeshot Performance to all my bike riding friends considering aftermarket exhausts and any other products you offer. Good luck in your business.Chuck B