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Galfer Braided Brake Lines

The Holeshot Galfer braided stainless lines offer a much firmer feel at the lever which vastly improves the breaking power. Stock rubber lines have a tendency to swell under breaking and crack with age.

Our braided lines come standard with a clear coat protective shield, all banjo fittings attached and new crush washers for an easy, no-hassle installation. The Banjo fittings have a beautiful polished nickel plating.

Galfer Braided Brake Lines
Description Part # Price
1999-2002 SV650N/S 2-Line Front Kit D224 $95.00 / each
1999-2002 SV650N/S Rear Kit D224R $57.00 / each
2003-2004 SV650N 2-Line Front Kit D385 $95.00 / each
2003-2004 SV650N Rear Kit D385R $57.00 / each
2005-2007 SV650N 2-Line Front Kit D453 $95.00 / each
2005-2007 SV650N Rear Kit D453R $57.00 / each
2003-2008 SV650S 2-Line Front Kit D354 $95.00 / each
2003-2008 SV650S Rear Kit D354R $57.00 / each

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