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SV650 Owner Testimonials

(From talk lists & Holeshot e-mail)

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great PS-2 shifter product.

Installation and setup went quickly, with a very short time to get it fine tuned on track. I have been racing for 12 years and it took a bit of time to get used to not backing off for shifts but after a bit it was a huge help in certain areas where I was losing a bit of ground to my competition.

Thanks again, John Russell
A little over 6 years ago, I picked up my first ever motorcycle, an SV650S. I absolutely loved the styling of the bike, but hated that the twin cylinder engine sounded like a sewing machine. I tried drilling the exhaust baffle to improve the sound, but it just wasn’t happening. With Dale’s reputation on SVRider, I took a chance, that he would deliver the sound an aesthetics I was looking for. All I can say was he hit the mark perfectly.

Fast forward to this year, and I’m now on my 5th SV650, with bike 2 thru 4 being track only. This particular bike was owned by a soldier who laid it down and must have suffered some head trauma because he put a Yoshimura on the bike. As part of my transformation to make it into a street fighter, I knew instantly what exhaust I wanted, another Dale Walker High Mount Holeshot. The quality, the looks and the sound truly match, rather improve the SV650.

One thing you don’t get from just looking at the exhaust is a deep appreciation for Dale and Liza’s customer service. It’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and have a direct conversation with the manufacturer and one that is US based.

Thanks again Dale, Liza and the entire Holeshot staff for a quality part that truly compliments my bike. Jason Ammerman
Hi Dale, I have good news about my new seat

The stock/OEM seat on my GSX650F was uncomfortable after an hour, so I researched available after-market seats. After weeks of research, I choose the Holeshot/Corbin seat. Wow, what an improvement! Now, day-long rides are no problem. The quality of the seat is first-rate and the careful design provides for very comfortable seating -- you almost feel like you now sit 'in the bike', so to speak. It also provides an extra-stable feeling when you accelerate hard, as the seat holds you in place. So, when I bought my 2003 SV650N recently, I knew I would get a Holeshot/Corbin seat for it, too. Previously, the stock SV seat would begin to get uncomfortable in less than an hour. Since getting the Holeshot seat, I've been able to ride for a couple hours with no discomfort. As with the GSXF seat, the quality is excellent. I highly recommend Dale's GSXF/Bandit and SV seats.

Thanks again Brian (IL)
Hi Dale

There is a picture of my babe :) She go back at paintshop in 2 week :) I'm Josse, from Montréal in Canada My bike look amazing with your Holeshot high mount exhaust and the sound ... wow !! is so different and louder ! I love it :)

thx Josée :) Josée
Thanks Dale,
Thanks for a great product Dale. The SV has never looked or sounded so good! It's a great product and great service. Here are a couple of pictures I took last night after the installation.
Thank you Jorge A. Gamez
Hi Dale,
I really appreciate your friendly approach to ur customers. I am very pleased with my high pipe exhaust and the fender elimator for my 2007 Suzuki SV650. I?had to put a plug in the pair valve to cure the decel pop. The pipe sound smoothed out and I think it help the bike run better.
Steve Fassett (Ridgefield, WA)
Hi Dale,
Just wanted to let you know that I installed your high-pipe slip-on yesterday on my 2003 SV650. It was easy to install, and looks unbelievable! This was the best investment I've made for my bike to date. The sound is great, it's nice and throaty, exactly as was described on your site, and after seeing some videos online of the exhaust, I knew I wanted it, and like I said, it's the smartest money I've spent on the bike so far. Thank you for making such a quality product for a great bike. Jeff (Massachusetts)
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a truly stellar SV-650 product. The Holeshot slip-on muffler is exactly what I wanted. Today was the first day I really got to get out and enjoy it. It really woke up the sound and feel of my sv. It made it sound like nothing on the road around Houston. Just like you said it would, the power band is nice and flat. Keep up the good work. When I get another bike, I will call you guys first. Thanks, again. I recommend you all's products before anything else to all the folks I know that ride.
Regards, Scott Lassiter
Hey Dale,

I've had my 05' Suzuki SV650 (with the holeshot highmount exhaust) for 12,200 miles today and I just wanted to say thanks for making my bike sound badass. No really, even those R1 and Gixxer playboys are always asking what exhaust I have because it sounds so powerful. And indeed it is. Thanks man, you rock.

Regards Dean

I just purchased a second hand holeshot high mount for my 2000 sv650s. I just wanted to thank you for making such a high quality product! the sound and performance is unreal!! and to think i had actualy considered a leo and yosh slip on! phew, dodged a bullet there!! keep up the great work, you will always have me for a customer no matter the bike i purchase in the future. jswilson
I ride a SV650 and purchased a set of front springs, brake lines and fork brace from you. Well, I just returned from Roebling Road Race way, and all I have to say is WOW. That brace and spring set really improves the feel of the front end it was crisper and held a line much better. The Brake lines are also great, but as you know SV650's can carry loads of corner speed so the brakes never really got a hard workout.

I just want to thank you for making such a nice brace for the fork -- the material and craftsmanship is second to none. And by the way, having more confidence in the front end allowed me to get into the low twenties. Doyle James (Gainesville, FL)
I just wanted to write you and say how much I like the slip on. I really wanted that deep v-twin sound, but also wanted to do the work myself. I can't tell you how much better it sounds and the compliments that I get on it are great. The directions that came with it made the job go smoothly and I was surprised how quickly it went. The performance from the slip on is much better than stock. It seems to be "rev happy" now. I am in love with that deep exhaust note now.

The fender extender is also a great product. It went on easily and looks excellent. Hopefully during the winter months I will also change the fork springs, which I will get from you, too. Ordering the products from you also went smoothly. You explained to my wife everything that was needed to successfully install the slip on and requiring a jet kit was not necessary. I was very impressed with your company and would recommend it to fellow riders. Mike Dieck
Thank you so much!! Put it on last night. Went out tonight, holy toledo I can't believe how much more planted the bike feels. The front end is worked, new penske out back, somehow the brace ties it all together. Thank you, Dale. I sent a note to the s.v. site with your web address hope you sell a bunch there great!!!! Best regards, Paul Paul

I've installed your low mount SV pipe, and had the "carb" work etc. done that you recommend and am very happy with the results. Sounds great, looks great, nice boost in the response. It is exactly as you advertised.

Thanks for a great product and the personal help with questions. Craig
Hi Dale,

The high slip-on arrived on Tuesday, just as you promised. As with your fender eliminator, the workmanship was first rate, the instructions crystal clear, and the installation straightforward. I simply used a hacksaw to make the cut where you indicated and the pipe mounted up beautifully and securely with no fiddling. The sound is throaty and not obnoxiously loud (a plus in my book). This is my second purchase and I am sold on your ability to produce affordable, high quality products that make sense and work as claimed. I will be purchasing your fork brace next.

Thanks, John Glynn
Dear Dale,

Your slip-on exhaust delivers as promised! I L I K E I T !!!!!!!

Did the easy carb set up yesterday and had the exhaust mounted in about 20 minutes. No surprises. I just returned from a "test ride" and I have discovered you left out one small item with my shipment. I got the cannister, the connector pipe, the adapter to refit my OEM pipe, the shims,clamps,etc...

But, I am missing the 2X4 board to knock the silly grin off my face. =D

Happy Customer, Eddie Hall (Columbus, GA)
Hey there!

I just wanted say how impressed I am with the SV650 fender eliminator kit w hich I just picked up from the post office today. It got here faster than expected.

Very nice work on the powder coating! You just earned a repeat customer! :) John Altinger
Hi Dale!

I've done business with you since 2001, frankly I have also bought loads of aftermarket products from several "Off Brand" vendors and none of them stack up to my Holeshot products, in price or quality, from steering damper to rear hugger.

The recent purchase of a 2003 SV650 upswept exhaust system is no exception, prefect fit, finish, super easy installation (done in less than 15 minutes...but I used a pneumatic cut off tool) and honestly the factory could not have done a better fit....unbelievable, I wish other vendors I have dealt with would place this amount of attention to the details. NOTHING SHORT OF PREFECT!!!

I'm just waiting for you to make some rear sets and a steering damper for the SV650 Naked 2003. Lil'bugger will fly in the curves! Ed Canupp

Just wanted to say thanks for the High-mount pipe and fender eliminator you shipped me recently.

Everything was packaged beautifully and build quality was great.

Your instructions were detailed and clear and easy to follow. (though cutting through the pipe with it still mounted on the bike took some effort!) Love the sound of the new exhaust.

Thanks for the great products. Damien
Hello Dale!

I received the Slipon a while ago. Everything was OK! Very well packaged. Mounted it a week ago and everything went fine. I must say the quality was great. The bike now looks and sounds great!

Thanks! Mattias (Sweden)
(high pipe) Dennis McDonald
Dear Dale,
I want to compliment you, your wife, and Amy regarding the manner in which you handled my recent order. I appreciate the personal attention that I was provided. The slip-on arrived promptly and was of high quality in construction and finish. Following your suggestion, I purchased a factory service manual and was able to perform the carburetor work and remaining installation without much difficulty. Once the work was completed, the bike fired right up and needed no adjustments.
The result? As you suggested during on of our previous conversations....stronger midrange, noticeable increase in torque, and more responsiveness from idle and beyond.
Oh, and that wonderful sound that compliments the scrappy character of the SV. Many thanks for your quality product and kind service. Sherwood P. Grabiec
Hi Dale!
just got my hi pipe and wanted to thank you. I finally got the pipe on late last night (couldn't fire up my bike because my daughter had gone to bed - darnnit), I am amazed by the tolerances on the pipe. I really had to work to get the mid-pipe on... unlike the remus that I'm replacing. This and how close the pipe fits to the tail of my bike, amazes me. I was told remus was the best when I got it a year and a half ago, but hands down the quality of your pipe shines. I could go on, but I'm sure you've heard it all before.
When I bought my bike in 2003, this pipe was in my dreams... I can't believe that I didn't have to have it custom made. I only wish I had gotten this sooner. Now I'll just have to save up to see if I can get another one and have a custom dual pipe set up made!
Thank Amy for her help and patience with my purchase, as I didn't want to repeat my remus mistake. I hope you have a good weekend. DAN
wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying my pipe . Finish is excellent, I installed it myself in 45 minutes every thing fit like a glove and the sound is great. Quiet at around town speeds with a great sound with a little "wrist action". At daytona this spring a V Strom owner checked it out and was sold on it and a few sv owners looking for pipes were also impressed with your product. Also put it on a dyno and showed 69.5hp on the first run and hit 72.99 after 4 more passes. Plenty of power for me. Thanks again for a good product. Mike Smallwood
Dale Walker's Holeshot exhaust is my favorite part of my 2004 SV 650S. It sounds incredible, it looks absolutely beautiful, and the build quality is top-notch. I ordered my Holeshot shortly after the 2004 SV came out and other exhaust companies were having fitment problems. Dale called me to verify my order, answer any questions that I had, and assured me that I would be happy with the exhaust. Not only did it fit perfect, it sounded better than I could have ever imagined. I have been so pleased with my Holeshot products on my motorcycle that I am ordering another exhaust for my 2002 track bike! Whether you buy a Holeshot exhaust, adjustable struts, fender eliminator, or any other Holeshot product - you can be assured that you will get a top quality product and amazing customer service to back it up! Thank you again Dale! Jason Hughes (RedAggie03)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the High-pipe for my '01 SV. Installed it on Sunday. Absolutely a beautiful piece, top quality craftsmanship, fit and finish, and what an incredible sound, the bike has come alive.
My SV is quickly becoming a Holeshot SV, let me know where I can email some pics.
Thanks again Luke Ayd (New Jersey)
Dale, Finally some pictures for your website. I got more than just a great pipe. Fit and finish is outstanding. Directions were easy to follow. Fantastic customer service. Thanks again for giving my bike the voice it deserved. You could say I am hooked on the pipe. Chris (Michigan)

I ordered your mirror extensions and they are awesome! What a huge difference! I can actually see what's directly behind me now! As a brand new rider with only 3 weeks and about 500 miles on the SV650 , the mirror extensions really help my confidence on the road. Thanks for your advice, and for making such a great product. Kevin Grierson (Littleton, CO)
I ordered the Holeshot slip-on exhaust system from you last year. I should have told you last year how much that I liked the can and how easy it was to install. I had a friend do the carb work. The performance and sound difference were immediately evident. The construction quality is first class and the sound it sweeeet! It still sounds great, looks great and STILL puts a big grin on my face when I ride.
Thanks for a superior product in a very competitive world. Robert Schnabel
Thanks for the great product and excellent customer service. I sent the same pictures to SVRider.com. Hopefully they will get posted soon. Kyle Jackson (Lewiston, Maine)

spuds form svrider here. I finally got my slip-on installed today, and OMG!!! i love it! the sound is incredible! its exactly the sound i hoped it would be! thank you very much for making a excellent product! i also got your fender elim for my 02 svs. i have yet to install it, (haven't had the time yet), if its constructed in the same manner you made your pipe i know I'm going to love it as well!

Thank you!!! Dane Perkins (spuds)

I'd like to compliment you on the quality of your Holeshot High Pipe Slip-on for the 2005 Suzuki SV650. I purchased this particular bike because it was relatively powerful, fun, lightweight, and a good commuter bike. It has more than met my initial expectations with one exception- it sounded like a lawnmower. That?s where the Holeshot comes in. After studying the pros and cons of the various slip-on alternatives, I decided to have a Holeshot High Pipe Slip-on installed. The High Pipe looks and fits better than stock. All of the mounting hardware and workmanship is quality throughout. And the sound- very throaty and just the right volume! The amazing thing is the performance increase. The combination of having to hang on to the bike during hard acceleration combined with that magnificent sound brings a smile to my face every time I ride it. I took the bike back to the shop where I bought it and the salesmen there initially insisted that I should have bought their store brand slip-on; that is, until they saw the Holeshot High Pipe and heard it. They, too, were visibly impressed! Thanks, Dale, for a thoroughly outstanding product! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Jerry B. Edelen, M.A., M.B.A. (Monterey, CA)

I put a Holeshot on my wife's bike. Not many miles on it yet but it sounds amazing. We get so many compliments. Under low rpm it kinda just rumbles a bit, not too loud or not too quiet but under load you can really hear it roar. Very high quality too. I would have to honestly say that it's probably the highest quality of all the pipes I've seen so far. We just bought it without any idea of what it would sound like. We were extremely happy. I also installed the fender eliminator from Holeshot. It looks like it came from the factory. No cutting or drilling. It fit like it was supposed be there all along. Len Blake
Hey Dale,

I couldn't be happier with my new Holeshot high mount. The quality is absolutely incredible. The fit and the finish are perfect. I love the way it sounds and looks are amazing. The customer service that I received from you and the Holeshot family was the best I have ever had. I will highly recommend this pipe every time I get the chance.
Thanks for an outstanding product.

Sincerely, Richard
Hey Dale,

Thanks for the reply. It's very refreshing to deal with a company that produces a top quality product and has superior customer service. I will definitely be ordering from you again and will recommend Holeshot to my friends. Thanks also for the link to Dobeck Performance; that may be just the ticket for me. Thanks again - ya gotta love those SV's Jeff DeLong
Hello Dale,
I just wanted to say thanks for superb product! I recently installed one of your Holeshot highmount slipons on my 2006 SV650. I wouldn't hesitate to say it is the single best modification available for the SV650. My stock SV650 was a great bike stock, but something was missing. Adding the holeshot slipon really opened up that twin! I expected the bike to sound better, but WOW! that pipe rumbles music to my ears! It pulls harder and longer and with a smooth progressive power delivery. The product fit and finish is top notch, it's nice to see such a quality product and that amount of fine detail. I've owned pipes from several other manufactures, and this is by far my best experience in customer service, fit, finish, and easy bolt on performance!!

I've had nothing but compliments on my bike since I've installed the pipe, the black canister really fits perfectly with the black frame of the new SV'S.

Thanks!! Martin Matejsek, P.E. (Klamath Falls, OR)
I get so many compliments on the sound!! You have an A+ operation there!! Shane Reeck (Red wing, MN)
Hi Dale

I just installed your Holeshot slip-on and rear fender eliminator kit on my 2003 SV-650 | i am glad i decided to stick to my own guts and not everyone else's... THIS THING LOOKS AWESOME... fits like a glove, thank u for the good craftmanship and customer care that you go through to satisfy. Ordering was easy and installation was just as easy ... THANX jeremy L.O. MICHIGAN
Dale, I would like to thank you for such a great product. I previously had a Yoshimura full exhaust on my 2004 SV650 and I thought it sounded great and it looked pretty good too, but all that came to a screeching halt after the local highway department left me a curve full of gravel. I low sided at very low speed but managed to rash my can up enough for it to bother me. I decided that I wanted to try out a high mount so I went looking. I settled on the Holeshot high mount after several members of a forum I frequent suggested it. I purchased the black canister and once it arrived I was instantly impressed with it's looks. Once it was installed, I was even more impressed and as soon as I thumbed the starter for the first time, a permanent grin took hold. The sound of the holeshot is amazing and coupled with it's great looks, it's unbeatable. You have definitely earned another satisfied customer that will keep coming back. Dustin Coleman

Installed the flyscreen on my SV650---what a great product! Top quality craftsmanship, fit, finish AND it keeps the wind off my chest.

I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Thanks again!! Doug Scott (Easton, PA)
Hi Dale!

I absolutely love my new Holeshot Flyscreen on my 2007 SV-650 ! It looks great and performs wonderfully! Thanks so much!

Shiny side up! Johnny Turco
Thanks to Dale and the Crew at Holechot Performance. I installed the high slipon to my 2006 Suzuki SV650. It sounds better than I expected. I also installed the fender elimator w/flush mount turn signals. Great customer service, Lisa was very helpful. You got a good one Dale!

Happy Customer Steve Fassett(Woodland, WA)
I just ordered the high rise slip on for the Suzuki SV650s. I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service. Very easy installation and great sound. Thank you Dale.. Luc
Hi Dale,

First, I would like to thank Dale for the awesome saddle product that he designed that totally changed how much more I enjoy riding on my SV and for him talking to me on the phone while I installed the seat on my bike. I love riding my 2008 Suzuki SV650 bike but after 100 miles in the saddle my rear was a hurting. My bike already had a Holeshot exhaust on it when I bought this bad boy in Florida but for some reason I kept waiting to replace the seat - my bad. Don't wait my friends. Get it and you will experience riding in a whole new way. As you can see from the picture what a huge difference between the two seats. It's a, "I don't want to get off the bike" kind of riding. My arms are more stretched out now with the Holeshot saddle when cruising but when the twisties come I'm moving in the saddle side to side effortlessly and loving every minute. I did a couple 200 mile rides on the bike and have just over 1K miles on the bike with the new saddle before the weather turned cold here in PA. Totally looking forward to 2018! Oh, I also installed the grips he sells and wow, with the new saddle and new grips I've got a new bike!!! Enjoy!

Thanks again Dale, your awesome!Jan