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Owner Testimonials

Yamaha FZ1 (2001-2005)

Dale, my FZ1-AIS removal kit arrived today. Great service.
I like doing business with you and Liza. Liza is always so pleasant and friendly on the phone and knows the business and your products.
In the past you have provided help and guidance when I had a hanging idle.
Thanks so much for the great service and it's a pleasure doing business with you. Jim Witler
Dear Dale,
Last summer I picked up a neglected 2003 Yamaha FZ1. After reading some forums I applied my new knowledge by cleaning carburetors and performing some MacGyver jetting. Well, I was pretty happy how the bike ran and nearly hurt my arm with all the "back patting" I was doing. A good friend of mine suggested that I give your products a try and perhaps make the bike run even better. So I took his advice and got the stage 1 jet kit with timing advancer. I was pleased with the packaging and easy to follow instructions. The stainless carburetor bowl screws and ignition cover gasket were nice inclusions to the kit. The best part of this kit is how well my bike runs now, Giddy up! The 3000 to 6000 RPM range is where I noticed the most punch. Just wanted to thank you for the great products and please keep up the good work. Wes from Wisconsin
Hi Dale,

Thanks for the help with my carbs, the o-rings in them were bad and the needle and seats weren't much better. Bike runs great now. Sending pic of my 05 FZ1 37,000 miles your fender kit cat eye blinkers, AIS removed and ing. advancer installed.
Hi Dale,

I ordered the Holeshot head pipe for my 2005 FZ1 last year and life happened and finally got time to install last week. Installation was straight forward, although MIVV X-CONE Slip-On alignment was slightly off but within tolerance. Losing stock header and cables save bunch of weight!! It was understood I would lose some bottom end, but really not noticed. I do however have a deeper sound, louder, and certain sound that is pleasing, with earplugs in while riding!!

Thank you, now to go thru and do major service, fork seals, steering stem bearings, etc as I’ve passed 60k miles.

Thank you so much...... Kurt Tetzelaff
Hi Dale,

I just picked up this bike 05 FZ1 Yamaha.The bike is awesome, and it just has a awesome sounding high mount exhaust from Dale Walker "THE HOLESHOT" Second To None......Chris O'Connor (Matawan, NJ)