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Holeshot Low-Mount Slip-On

Yamaha FZ8

Dale's low mount FZ8 Holeshot Slip-on is a real work of art, with a perfect fit and great ground clearance. They feature our polished 304 air craft stainless high flow mid pipe, stainless hardware with custom clamps and no springs. Our hand crafted in house Holeshot Stainless / Aluminum Mufflers come either fully polished or with a satin black outer skin in our 14" Comp 1 or Street Core. If you want a bad ass sound level and shorty look, then our or 10" Bad Boy black muffler may be for you. Our Holeshot Performance laser etch mark is now standard on all end caps as shown, and our logo plate can be added as an option, customer installs. The Holeshot FZ8 Slip-on is about half the weight of stock which equals free horsepower and improved handling. You can expect a 4 to 5 hp gain with better mid range as well. Our billet machined Holeshot DB Killer is also an option for those long distance riders, but we recommend trying or slip-on as is first. Though tuning is not mandatory, Dales own Dobeck EFI Tune with K&N filter and easy air box mod will be coming in the near future. Feel free to call Dale with any questions.

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NOTE: All black canisters are now available in satin, not gloss!
Holeshot Low-Mount Slip-On for Yamaha FZ8
Description Part # Price
14" Comp 1 Polished FZ8-SOP-14 $390.00 / each
14" Comp 1 Black FZ8-SOB-14 $405.00 / each
14" Street Polished FZ8-SOP-14S $390.00 / each
14" Street Black FZ8-SOB-14S $405.00 / each
10" Comp 2 Bad Boy Black FZ8-SOB-10 $415.00 / each
Holeshot Logo Plate (Optional) EX-NP $5.00 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice
High-Temp Silicone
Valco All-In-One High-Temp Silicone

Valco All-In-One High Temp Black Silicone is ideal for exhaust system slip fits during installation. It's one of the most advanced sealers available, is resistant to extreme temperatures up to 600 degrees, and can be used in non high temp applications as well. This product is a necessity to use if you are installing our Holeshot slip-on or complete header system.

Description Part # Price
High-Temp Silicone V-HTS $7.50 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice
Magic Mix
Magic Mix

Keep your new Holeshot exhaust looking like new!

Magic Mix is known as the lazy man's polish and for a good reason. It's absolutely the best and easiest to use metal polish we've ever tested. It will keep your new Holeshot Slip-on or complete system looking new forever.

It works fantastic on aluminum, stainless, chrome and our coated slip-ons or full header system. We use it daily in our workshop during final assembly, as well as, on all our personal vehicles. It can even be used to rub out fine scratches on painted clear coated finishes.

Description Part # Price
Magic Mix (8oz Bottle) MM-P $9.95 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice
Original Bike Spirits - Spray Cleaner & Polish
Original Bike Spirit Spray Cleaner & Polish

Dale loves this product and often uses it around the shop here at Holeshot . It very well may be the best quick cleaner and polish on the planet. The Original Bike Spirits Spay Cleaner and Polish comes in a aerosol 14 oz. can. This product was formerly branded by Honda and other OEMs, but now is available right from the source. OBS works fantastic on Paint, windscreens, face shields, bare aluminum, chrome , even plastic, vinyl & leather. On leather riding gear it cleans off dirt and bugs without harming the pigment.

Description Part # Price
Spray Cleaner & Polish (14oz Can) OBS-14 $9.99 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice