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Owner Testimonials

Yamaha FZ8
Dale and Liza,

Thank you for the prompt delivery. I installed the front and rear Holeshot FZ8 seats in a few short minutes and will wear the shirt in pride.

The seats are truly fantastic. Once I had them on, I took a quick run up and down my local set of twistie's and am already appreciating the shape and feel of the seat. This is what a motorcycle "saddle" should feel like. My daughters really like the rear seat being level which makes them feel more secure, comfortable and they appreciate that they can see better as well. All said and done, these are beautiful, tasteful and comfortable. I have referred some folks to you and I believe you already got an order from Elliot (for his FZ8 or Bandit). I will be posting a very favorable review on our forum and hope others purchase from you in the near future.

Thank you and best regards,Dennis Gray