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Holeshot / Corbin Seat & Back Rest

Yamaha V-Max (2009-2014)

Dale has teamed up with the legendary Mike Corbin to design his very own exclusive Holeshot 2009+V-Max seats. Working with Corbin R & D team Dale spent over two months personally shaping the new Holeshot/Corbin seat, refining it to his personal taste. Dale's shape offers a more planted seating position with a slightly lower center of gravity, and the bucket area in just the right spot for added security and comfort. The front section near the tank is shaped up hill just enough to keep you planted in the saddle in the proper place and the sides are tapered off just enough to eliminate any pressure points on the inner thighs.This shape also allows the more aggressive rider to still slide off nicely side to side in the twisties. For simplicity, we've designed the front saddle to work with the hinged fuel door cover from the stock seat. Transferring the cover to the Holeshot / Corbin seat is a fairly simple procedure that can be accomplished with common hand tools. Complete instructions are included in the kit. For the solo rider the Rear Gunfighter Tail Seat option is super clean looking, blending in with the back fender much nicer that the stock rear seat.

Dale and his wife Liza also spent many hours fine tuning the Rear Pillion Touring Seat, making it as comfortable as possible. This nice contoured shape will keep your passenger settled in the comfortable area, and will help prevent sliding forward into the rider while out on the road. Dale even tested the positioning of the Corbin adjustable back rest in the seat base pan until he got it just right.

The sturdy seat base pan is hand laid from a super strong Corbin Fibertech material. This may be a little heavier than stock, but will never fail, and is needed over the long haul for the best Backrest and Comfort Cell foam support. You can expect a firmer but much more comfortable ride over the original OEM seat. The V-Max Holeshot/Corbin saddle will also need a break in period of about 1500 miles to conform to your own back side.

Dale's 2009+ V-Max Holeshot / Corbin seat is covered in a Carbon-Fiber style genuine top grade leather that breathes with your body. The Asphalt vinyl side panels blend in very nice with the lines of the bike, offering the very clean look Dale is known for with his products. The exclusive Holeshot/Corbin logo is embroidered on the right side for a finishing touch.

NOTE: Please note that the logo placement can vary slightly!

The Ovalbac Corbin Adjustable Backrest should be used with this seat for maximum comfort. It can be installed in minutes and bolted in place with one mounting bolt. It is easily adjusted with an allen set screw which allows you to achieve the perfect lean angle for the rear passenger. It is covered in the matching Carbon-Fiber style genuine top grade leather and comes with a Carbon-Fiber look outer back finishing plate.

PLEASE NOTE: Corbin products are designed to fit very close to your bike for a clean look. Due to this, other accessories or options can inhibit proper fit. As an example: Tank Consoles (dashes), ignition modules, exhaust systems, sissy bars, etc. If you have accessories installed on your bike, please let Dale know so he can verify the fit for you.
SADDLE WARRANTY: Basepan, foam and hardware of the Corbin saddle is warranted to the original owner for life. Cover materials and workmanship are warranted for one year. Product will only be authorized to be shipped back, freight pre-paid, for refining of shape or to replace/rectify defective parts. In cases where the rework requires a new cover, a recover charge will be applied. Cash or credit refunds are not available. All goods being handled for customer service consideration must be accompanied by a Corbin / Holeshot Performance receipt and a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA). Due to shipping costs, Corbin seats and backrests sold and shipped out of the USA have no warranty.
Holeshot/ Corbin Seat & Back Rest for Yamaha V-Max (2009-2014)
DescriptionPart #Price
Holeshot / Corbin SeatY-VMAX-9-F-DW497.00 / each
Rear Gunfighter SeatY-VMAX-9-G-DW343.00 / each
Rear Touring Pillion SeatY-VMAX-9-TP-DW343.00 / each
Holeshot / Corbin Back Rest02-SB-DW257.00 / each
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Corbin Care Saddle Cream
Corbin Care Saddle Cream for Leather & Vinyl

To assure many years (and untold miles) of faithful service, be sure to care for your leather or vinyl Holeshot Corbin with our quality conditioner Saddle Cream. This will help your seat to remain weather resistant and supple. Be sure to avoid cleaners or conditioners that contain petroleum products or kerosene!

In fact, Saddle Cream is probably a good idea for all your other leather & vinyl products like boots, jackets, furniture...well, you get the idea.

DescriptionPart #Price
Saddle CreamC-SC$13.99 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice