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Double Clutch Spring Kit With Cover Gasket

Yamaha V-Max (2009+)

It's no secret that the clutch is the weak link of any high horsepower bike. If you play hard, or add any more power to your Gen 2 Max, the clutch will begin to slip and fry the plates. The easy solution is simply adding a 2nd original Yamaha clutch spring. Dale has put a kit together for our customers so you don't have to go to a Yamaha dealer and order the parts. It includes one new OEM diaphragm spring and clutch cover gasket. 1/4 mile times in the 9s are no problem with this set up. This modification can be done by any competent home tuner with normal hand tools, and Dale even did a "how to install" page to help out.

Click here to view Dale's how to page with photos

Double Clutch Spring Kit for Yamaha V-Max (2009+)
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Clutch Spring Kit With Cover GasketVMG2-CSK$89.95 / each
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