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Holeshot Fly Screen

Holeshot Sport Touring Bars
UPDATED! Holeshot Fly Screen will fit most naked models including every year model SV-650/1000

Dale's second generation Holeshot Fly Screen really looks nice. It adds great wind protection, keeping most of the wind off your chest and shoulders, as well as about up to your forehead area.

It's made of hand laid fiberglass by expert craftsmen, not plastic like some factory screens and is available in nicely finished black gel coat only. Due to slight color differences from bike to bike we do not offer color matching. It comes ready for painter's prep and includes custom stainless steel brackets, rubber well nuts with brass threaded inserts and stainless button head allens.The lower rubber trim strip is no longer needed with our second generation updated mold design.

Note: The Holeshot Fly Screen will fit on almost any bike with a standard 7 inch glass headlight lens. Our stainless mounting hardware requires that the headlight bucket mounting ears must measure 7 3/4 in. - 8 1/2 in. across from inside to inside surface for proper installation. A certain amount of gauge clearance is also necessary. Updated Holeshot Fly Screen will fit most standard models including every year model SV-650/1000.

The photos below are examples only of our previous mold design mounted on several models!
Second Generation Holeshot Fly Screen
DescriptionPart #Price
Fly ScreenH-FS$159.95
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