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Thread Locker & Assembly Lube

Assembly Lube
Thread Locker & Assembly Lube

Valco thread lockers are a must for any home tuner or engine builder. A durable plastic seal is formed preventing nuts and bolts from coming lose. Thread lockers have a wide operating temperature range which is great for motorcycle applications. They prevent corrosion, lubricate components during assembly, and resist water and oils. Available in medium strength for parts that require dismantling and high strength for parts that do not require removal as often.

NOTE: For cam shaft sprocket bolts we recommend high strength!

Torco MPZ Assembly Lube is Dale's favorite when assembling a new engine, installing cams, etc. Its distinctive red color and natural attraction to metal is designed as pre-lubricant for all engine parts. It provides superior protection against scuffing, galling and metal transfer during the break-in and running of a new or rebuilt engine. MPZ Assembly Lube is effective in reducing excessive wear, friction, and extreme pressure.

DescriptionPart #Price
Valco Thread Lockers
Medium Strength Blue (10ml)TL-B$7.95/each
High Strength Red (10ml)TL-R$7.95/each
Torco MPZ Assembly Lube
Assembly Lube (4oz)MPZ-AL$4.95/each
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