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The Original Electric Powershifter®

Jeff Tigert Wins 2003 AFM Championship

Holeshot Performance sponsored Jeff Tigert of TIGERTeam Racing (click image to enlarge) really is making a name for himself. Riding his Suzuki GXR-R 1000 equipped with the Holeshot Power shifter 2 tm and Barrel trigger tm proved to be an unbeatable combination in the AFM road racing series. Jeff is currently the Formula Pacific champion and the Open Superbike champion for 2003 and the number one plate holder in AFM for 2004. Jeff's lap times consistently came down with the Holeshot shifter 2 added and it never missed a beat all year.

2004 will see Jeff Tigert try his best to be a top contender in the AMA Superstock championship 600 class and once again he will be running our Powershifter 2 and Barell trigger combination throughout the racing season. We would like to thank Jeff and also his father Bob for the great finishes and all hard work.

In the beginning...

In 1977 when Dale built his first 8 second Kawasaki turbo charged drag bike, air shifters, rev limiters, and under-cut transmissions were unheard of. The rider would simply back off the throttle for an instant (throttle-shift) or hold the throttle wide open and fan the clutch (power-shift) to select the next gear during a drag race. Running 30 lbs of boost with around 250 horsepower on tap was awesome back then. But when you missed a shift it got really ugly. Bent valves, damaged pistons, cylinder head damage, and even a trashed crank shaft was not uncommon.

The Electric Powershifter Idea

Design a system that would kill the engines ignition system momentarily between shifts. This would allow the rider to hold the throttle full open and just move the shifter pedal to complete the upshifts without clutching. The first unit worked so well that Dale decided to make kits for many other models (over 50 to this date). Since then, racers worldwide have been using our Powershifters with great success. The Electric Powershifter not only makes a lightning fast shift, but is also very easy on the transmission, clutch/clutch basket, and the entire drive train.

The Holeshot Electric Powershifter 2TM is Born

In 1991 Dale developed the Electric Powershifter 2. After a year of testing, he came up with the most user friendly unit yet. It's a snap to install, works on just about any motorcycle, and is easy to dial in with the external kill time adjustment. It can be used for dragracing, roadracing, superbike or GP, Harleys, quads/ATV, and shifter race karts. It's awesome!

We Are The Innovators Not Imitators...
Over 22 Years of Electric Shifter Technology!
  • Full throttle lightning fast shifts without the clutch
  • Full bypass on/off switch
  • Easy mounting and set up
  • Finger tip turn dial makes kill time adjustment a snap
  • Easy on transmission, clutch, and drivetrain
  • 90 day warranty

Note: 12V Battery supply required.

Holeshot Powershifter 2
DescriptionPart #Price
Complete KitPS-2$230.00 / each
Complete Kit for Hyabusa & 2001+GSX - R 600, 750 & 1000
This Kit offers modified kill time for the Suzuki stick coil ignition system.
PS-2-S$244.00 / each
Complete kit for ground type ignitions.
This kit works on Quads or GP bikes that require a ground to kill the engine.
PS-2GT$230.00 / each
All orders plus shipping - Prices subject to change without notice
These are a non-returnable item!

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Also check out our very trick optional Holeshot Barrel TriggerTM

This eliminates our pull spring trigger switch and any adjustment required to trip the PS-2 kill box. This is sold as a deluxe option when purchasing the Powershifter 2 or as an upgrade to current PS-2 owners.

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