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Holeshot EFI Supertune Tuning Box

Suzuki DL-650 through 2011 - DL-1000 V-Strom through 2013 - SV-650/1000 2003+
NOTE: This product is not legal, for sale or use on California vehicles!

Dale recently teamed up with Dobeck Performance to make available the new totally plug in Holeshot EFI Supertune Tuning box.The Holeshot Tuning box does not require that you re-map your electronic fuel injection to dial in your tune up. It simply allows the user to adjust the air / fuel mixture in three areas. Idle and low rpms, steady cruise, mid range, on off throttle applications and wide open full load throttle. There is also an adjustment allowing you to set when the full throttle fuel curve begins to come in at what rpm. All that is needed is a small flat blade screw driver and some time to play. Dale has spent countless hours on his Dynojet 250 I dyno doing all the pre testing for you, as well as road testing The DL- V Stroms and SV models from sea level to over 9600 feet elevation. He achieved a perfect 13:1 to 13:8 A/F under all throttle conditions. These motors make some nice power and torque gains over stock and Dale's tune up really smooths out the mid range response, plus some even pick up a little fuel mileage out on the road. When you purchase your Holeshot EFI Supertune tuning box from Holeshot Dale will pre set it for you, so its as close to a plug and play as possible. Note! Dale's tuner settings match our Holeshot slip-ons and also work very well with other brands. The Supertune tuner will also work well with the stock mufflers to smooth out the power curve, plus add a little power and torque. Minor adjustments may be needed, depending on the bike, weather conditions and the elevation where you live and ride. Dale is always willing to help on this regard.

Click here to view Dale's before and after dyno charts.

Click here for installation photo tips of DL-EFI Supertune Tuning box. (Note! Original DL-1000 kit shown, DL & SV-650 is very similar)

Please Note: Dale now pre sets very Supertune tuner before its sent to our customer

NOTE: Dale now pre-sets every Supertune tuner before its sent to our customer.
EFI Supertune Tuning Box
DescriptionPart #Price
Suzuki DL-650 (through 2011)ST1-2054$255.95 / each
Suzuki DL-1000 (through 2013)ST1-2054$255.95 / each
Suzuki SV-650 (through 2010)ST1-2054$255.95 / each
Suzuki SV-1000 (through 2010)ST1-2054$255.95 / each
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