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Holeshot DL 650 / 1000 GI Pro Gear Indicator Kit

with ATRE and custom mounting bracket

Dale has teamed up with Heal Tech Electronics to come up with his own DL 650 / 1000 gear indicator kit with custom mounting bracket and built in ATRE. The complete plug-in kit can be installed in about 1 to 2 hours taking your time with normal hand tools

Features include:
  • Advanced "smart" timing retard eliminator TRE feature automatically switches off when bike is in neutral means smoother idle and less engine heat

  • Can be set for 4th, 5th or 6th gear map (or disabled) at the touch of a button, this adds throttle response in the lower gears on most models and a bit smoother running or vise versa if a bike comes from the factory more restricted in the upper two gears
  • Auto brightness control: the sensitivity can be even fine tuned, the Holeshot DL kit comes with digital Red lettering as shown
  • Always indicates the selected gear. It's not like others which don't work when the clutch is pulled in

  • Selected gears are shown instantly with NO LAG
  • Plug-n-go... wiring Installation is straight forward, so no more guessing what gear your in. Note! some simple dash mods are needed for bracket mounting
  • Auto Stand-by: when ignition is turned off, unit enters into low power mode and consumes 3mA only (less than a LED)
  • Auto Learn function: Unit is pre-programmed to suit most Suzuki's. However, if needed, the unit Learns the gear positions automatically
  • Robust design: waterproof housing; Flash memory (non-volatile) to store user settings; in case of connection or power failure, the TRE mode reverts back to Normal operation
  • Dale's own custom black powder coated V Strom mounting bracket looks factory when finished

  • 2 year replacement warranty

Click here to view photo installation tip page.

Holeshot DL 650 / 1000 GI Pro Gear Indicator Kit
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DL 650 GI Pro Indicator KitDL650-GIPK $197.00/each
DL 650 GI Pro Indicator KitDL1000-GIPK $197.00/each
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