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Suzuki DL-1000 V-Strom Owner Testimonials

(from talk lists and Holeshot emails)

Hi Dale,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new Holeshot pipes on my DL1000. They replace a set to Two Brothers pipes that were just TOO loud and I could not be happier with the sound and performance. Adding the DB killers was icing on the cake. I can actually hear the speakers in my Bluetooth helmet now. I also installed your Speedo Healer to correct for a gearing change and am getting accurate mileage numbers again. My experience with Holeshot has been fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Best regards and safe riding,

Steve Madden (Redwood City, CA)

Good day Holeshot (Dale Walker),

Installed the Holeshot Supertune Electronic tuner box (piece of cake) and my shinny new Holeshot slip-on exhaust pipes on my 2009 DL 1000 VStrom.

1. Wow!
2. Holy Sh_t
3. Sweet brother!

Ok, the review in a few more words: Throttle response in all gears at all RPMs is 100% increased. Sharp, tight, no hesitation at all. Its an OMG moment every time.

Is the bike faster - top end? The bike is still a 1000cc bike so its top speed has not changed. HOWEVER - getting from 0 to 60 is a hell-of a lot quicker. I mean you better HOLD-ON! It now wheelies in 1st gear without clutch dumping, just roll the throttle back quickly and up you go. The 09 Vstrom red lines at 9500, before the new Holeshot pipes for max thrust shifting at or near redline was needed. Not anymore! Dam, I'm shifting at 7 or 7500 and the bike just takes off. Simply put it is amazing! So, is it "faster" (?) meaning is it faster at getting going fast - a resounding OMG YES, YES, YES :0)

This "get going faster, faster" translates to more confident passing on the highway. Roll-on response at 60, 70 and 80mph is so responsive, downshifting is needed far less. *note, before the pipes in 2nd or 3rd gear you could not let the rpm get below 4 or 4500, too much bog would occur. Now 2nd and 3rd can be at 3000rpm and you can just roll on the throttle and take-off! Nice! PS this is also the technic for pulling into the neighborhood quietly late at night. 2nd or 3rd gear at 3000RPM.

And, finally, about the sound, OMG the Sound: The recording you hear on the video does not give it justice or really even come close to just how badass the sound is (no silencers). My wife is not altogether happy I ride and she even started grinning when I started it up for her. I made a video and watched it - yup sure enough the bike looks cool but the sound just doesn't come through as in real life. Cars that never knew I was there before now get out of my way even if I'm not trying to pass. Sweet! The more they see you and HEAR you the more you stay alive.

5 Stars out of 5 - craftsmanship and quality is tops, a custom pipe made for my bike tuned for my bike with an electronic tuning box pre set and designed specifically for my bike. two brothers or yoshmeria can't make that claim - and I can grantee you you'll never get the designer of the system on the phone to answer any questions you might have! Wow, Dale walker's holeshot exhaust - no reason to buy from anyone else!

Thank you Dale

D.B. Gilbert (Wynnewood, PA)

Dale –

How does 2012 V-Strom 1000 run, you ask – all I can say is: “You’re a genius!!!” – but I confess that I’d done my homework before I ordered & so I already knew that.

I’ve been riding a Hayabusa since summer of 1999. I liked the busa because it rides like it’s on rails, goes exactly where you look, and it has nice low end grunt to compliment the high end responsiveness. But, the roads have become terrible here in upstate New York over the past five years, due to major cutbacks in highway maintenance. Road surfaces have become rough & potholed, and the Busa at speed was quite a pounding on these poorly maintained roads. I retired at the end of 2011 at 62 years old, and decided to get something with long travel suspension to make riding on the back roads fun again – so I bought the new V-Strom in June of 2012.

I concluded that a big twin with good low end torque would be just the ticket – and didn’t question the Suzuki factory hype on their 2012 1000cc V-Strom’s ‘return to America’. Unfortunately as you know, the bike just doesn’t perform in anything approaching stock trim.

I have the 16 tooth front sprocket and the K&N air filter on, as you’ve suggested, and with your pipes and EFI Supertune box – now we’ve got a real motorcycle!!!

I’m running with the DB Killers in – thanks for that tip!!! The bike now just roars up through the hills here effortlessly … absolutely amazing. I got out for about 85 miles on both country roads and interstate and ran it up through 8300 rpm. Everything pulls just fine through all of that. The low end improvement gives the real seat-of-the-pants kick, and top end is great.

When I rode the bike in ‘Suzuki stock trim’ at any kind of 5000 rpm riding and up, the engine was always up in the ‘3 bars’ temperature range with the fan running. Now with your setup on the bike, I can ride anywhere in the rpm range & the bike is running ‘2 bars’ on the temperature gauge with no fan on, and your pipes run cool too – a huge testament to the tuning you’ve provided!!!

I can’t tell you what this means to me. Frankly, I was ready to sell the bike after only having ridden it 7500 miles. I wasn’t riding nearly as much as I wanted, largely because it was such a disappointment to ‘row it’ through the gears and maintain enough torque to get through the hills. You’ve changed all that; now - I just wish you could have seen the grin on my face when I got back from riding it yesterday!!!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done for the V-Strom community. Your technical gear, years of real racing knowledge and hard work make my bike run like a dream!!!

All the best with your drag racing endeavors – love that new bike of yours!!!

Don Eisenhower

Greetings Dale,

Received my DL 1000 V Strom EFI Supertune tuner last night and stayed up to install it. Went in pretty easy, dials set to your recommendations. Went for a ride on the way to work this morning and it is a bike transformed. I have always re-jetted end re-piped my bikes in the past and differences where often subtle at best. This is a night and day difference, making the bike both more refined, much smoother and noticeably stronger.

Thank You!

Dan Kravig (Washington State)

Dear Holeshot Performance,

I've had my 2012 V-Strom 1000 for a year now and thanks to Dale and his EFI Supertune tuner tune, Holeshot exhaust and 16 tooth sprocket mod it was worth it.The bikes runs so much better than stock you won't be disapointed.

Thanks Holeshot!


Hello Dale,

I recently purchased your slip ons, EFI Supertune tuner, and 16 tooth front sprocket for my DL 1000 V-Strom. I talked to you on the phone prior to my purchase. You stated "it will feel like a different bike" which I figured may have been a little bit of an exaggeration at the time. Well I have everything installed and all I can say is you were right. The difference is unbelievable and there was no exaggeration on your part. This thing pulls hard at all speeds. I appreciate all of the advice and awesome products . Keep up the good work!



I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service and knowledge which led me to purchase the right upgrades to my DL1000 VStrom. When in stock form, the bike was just "ok" but not great. It had a pronounced hesitation around 3000 rpm and it "hammered" at low speed unless the rpm's were constantly kept high. I contacted you and first dealt with your wife, who is very gracious. I next talked with you and explained the situation. You suggested that the bike needed to have an electronic tuner installed , needed Holeshot mufflers to clear the exhaust better and needed a different countershaft sprocket (1 tooth smaller) to smooth out the power delivery.

The parts were shipped very quickly and I was impressed by the quality of the mufflers, they are beautiful. Installing the tuner was an exercise in patience, as half the bike has to be dismantled just to get to the injectors, but I followed the directions on your website and it all worked out. I have to tell you, this is now a very different bike. This thing now runs smoothly, sounds great (low rumble and not too loud) and has completely eliminated the jerkiness in lower gears from being geared too high. The funny thing is, this bike is still just "loafing" along at 80 mph, the gearing change didn't hurt it on the top end at all.

The settings you gave me for the tuner were great and are "spot-on" no matter the altitude. I couldn't be happier with the big Strom now, this thing rocks!! I live at 2800 foot altitude in Boise, Idaho and regularly ride to the mountains, so it gets the full range of altitudes and it works great.

I recommend Holeshot and Dale Walker to anyone without reservation.

Chip Morgan (Boise Idaho)

Hi Dale,

Your Holeshot Performance products have transformed my humble sleeping DL1000 into the bike that Suzuki down under should be selling, as this was my first V-Twin I was somewhat disappointed with the DL1000 slow speed gearing around town and a exhaust note that sounds like it belongs on a DR650. I followed your instructions on fitting the slip-ons, EFI Supertune tuner and fitted the 16 tooth front sprocket which added around 400rpm in top gear and making the bike easier to ride around town "no 2nd gear lugging engine on slow tight turn". The bike now sounds and goes great thank you again from a Aussie and his re-born DL1000.


Dave Dale (UK)

Hey Dale and family, i would like to thank you and your wife for the great service and equipment. i first bought some bandit 1200 stuff back in 02.in in 06 i got a strom 1000 and was very excited to see that u were into them also. am very pleased with all the parts i have gotten. brake lines,seat,rearset mounts, EFI Supertune tuner, fender extender. all worked and fit as said perfect! the EFI Supertune tuner was a great improvement over the Power Commander box i started out with.(not everybody is a computer geek) your box settings (sshhh)were right on the money.pulls hard all over the rpm range, very nice.looking foward to the next bike u can help me hop up!

Marc Pondick (Alabama)

Hi Dale,

I am compelled to say thank you for salvaging my DL 1000.

I purchased my 2005 DL 1000 in 2006 with 1300 miles on the Odometer. It now has 42000 miles and is a dream to ride thanks to you.

It has been to Alaska, all over the western US plus one trip to MO and IL. When I purchased the bike I took it to the local Suzuki dealer, because it suffered from the jerks, and if you stopped quickly and didn't feather the throttle it would die. Yes it would DIE! In fact it has been setting for the past Year and 7 Months. I didn't ride it. I would pull it out of my shop and run the engine until it warmed up then put it back in the shop. It was so bad the suzuki dealer replaced both Cam drive chains because they streched do to the jerking. Then a good friend told me he put new mufflers and a ECM device to correct the JERKS! Being a skeptical person I said sure, jerks have become the norm. Then he handed me the keys. WOW was I surprised. I could slow it down to 2000 rpm in 6th gear and slowly accelerate with no jerking and the power was great plus it didn't die!. With that I ordered your Holeshot slip-on mufflers and the miracle ECM TFI modifier. I installed the Mufflers, BD Busters, and the ECM TFI modifier. Installed your settings and took it around the block. I live in the country and it is 5 miles around my block. Then Sunday I proceeded to put 350 miles on My new DL 1000 V Strom with 42,00 miles on the clock. It was a great ride!

Thank You Mr. Dale Walker for salvageing my 2005 DL 1000.

Esast Bernard (Texas)

Hi Dale,

I'd like to thank you for your prompt service and excellent product. On Jan 17th I ordered your Holeshot/Corbin seat for my 08 V Strom. I flew from my home in Canada to Phoenix on the 18th, where my bike was, seat was delivered on the 19th. Over the next 6 days i rode 2000 miles and can describe the seat as AWESOME! Thanks again for service and great seat.


Hello Dale,

I installed the Holeshot slip-ons, EFI Supertune tuner with your tune up, 16t sproket, Cont. tires, and fork brace - the bike is transformed!! Oh, my GAWD!! What a difference! Why it doesn't come from the factory this way is a mystery.

Thank you for everything!

David (Mobile AL)

Thanks Dale for designing such a comfortable replacement seat for my 2009 DL650A & DL 1000 . After 1,000 around town "break-in" miles for the new seat, finally took it on a two-day 18 hours in the saddle trip and it performed MUCH BETTER than expected! Lots of twisties confirmed the improved handling of sitting "inside" allowing the hips to do a lot of the work - plus the narrower profile near the tank got the legs snugged in very well. Handling also improved with a lower center of gravity from the 1" drop in height (plus 1" with lowering links). Top rate construction and finish make for one fine (and COMFORTABLE!) ride.

Much thanks for many miles to come.

Jer (Seattle, WA)

Hi there Dale!

Just wanted to say thanks for the raditor guard and mirror extenders for my Suzuki DL1000. They fit and look GREAT! Your service was excellent and website was very good to work with. My buddy and I leave on May 25th for a ride to Alaska. After all the prep and working out the details the fun will begin soon. Thanks again for everything.


Dear Dale,

Enclosed some pictures of my V Strom ´'special comby´´. I had to adopt the back to the top of the GIVI box and make/install lether coverd adoptrs in the aft corners of the arms. As informed I together with my wife have tryed the Holeshot seat togeter with the arms in a small trip in the city and it is perfect. When I am driving alon I can take of the GIVE hard box by unlocking with a key and by pusing one button. I can alos uncrew the arms from the hard box and install a small rubber back rest on the box, which covers the support holes for the arms.

The Suzuki V Strom is a grate turing bike, but my wife hve been asking for arms after se saw a Honda Gold wing. I have been looking for arms on the tail box for over a year. Now my wifeis happy with the Suzuki and dosn´t mention the Honda Goldwing any more.

Best regards

Einar (Iceland)

Dale —

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the Dobeck EFI Supertune tuner in my  2002 DL 1000 V-Strom. First off, let me say the bike hasn't run as well since I bought it  three years ago. Thank you for that. I just returned from a long  weekend trip on the bike which is the first extended ride with the  box hooked up. Prior to putting the box in I was having severe  back fire issues on decel. Far too much air.   While the bike was  "filleted", it had the spark plugs replaced, throttle bodies synced  and ECU set to within stock settings. After riding the bike on day one of my excursion, I adjusted the  second (yellow--low end/mid range) pod to the four o'clock setting  as it was dragging as I would accelerate. This helped  tremendously, as I have the secondary butterflies removed, a K&N  air filter and Laser Duo Tone titanium exhaust on the bike and it  breathes very easily.  I look forward to many long journeys on the  motorbike now.  Thank you once again for your help in getting my  bike to "fun to ride" status!


I wanted to thank you for the service you supplied on the phone  when I placed the order the other day, My pipes arrived on Friday  and I did the install on Sunday. The only thing I would add to your online instructions for the EFI Supertune tuner install is the use of real small  channel locks to get the plugs off the tb. Aside from that the  install way smooth as silk. I fired up the bike with the settings  you sent and OMG, I LOVE IT! My friend who owns an SV has given me  grief about the factory pipes but no more. The sound, power, and over all fun factor that your product has produced is worth more than I can say.

Thank you very much!

Bradley Weeks

One of the minor problem areas of the Suzuki V-Strom is the narrowness of the mirrors. Whereas the image is clear and the size of the mirror is great, they are placed to close together and the rider's shoulders block part of the view. Dale's mirror extensions are the solution. They both raise and spread the mirrors for a much better rear view. The clarity of the stock Suzuki mirrors remains while the installation is straightforward. These extensions make for a clean installation. I am very happy with the results.

Greg (Clermont, FL)


I want to tell you how much I like your bar risers for the DL1000 and how much more comfortable it is to ride the bike with them installed. They really do help make the bike much more pleasant to ride and they are the only risers that I have seen that really look like they were really made for the bike and not an "add-on". The riser kit is a very good product.

I also want to thank you for the great customer service that you provided. When I had a problem with the installation we talked on the phone and your good instruction made the job easy. It was a pleasure to buy your product.

Thanks again!

Proctor Willson, (Paris, TN)

Dear Dale,

A couple of wks. ago you sold me a set of exhaust pipes for my V-Strom 1000. I want you to know....THEY ARE THE GREATEST!!!

I am glad that you are a fan of the V-Strom. Please continue to develop new gear for that wonderful bike.

Have a great day!

Dick Savidge

Great job Dale!

Those pipes are the best on the market for the VStrom. Beautiful craftsmanship, great sound, and awsome perfomance!!! You guys were also super to deal with, and thanks for getting the pipes out so soon as I had requested... Very cool!! Keep developing great new products for this great bike.



I have just done the install of the EFI Supertune tuner on my 06 DL1000. I am running a K&N airfilter and Scorpion cans. Before I did the install the bike was stumling and coughing back thru the breather at low to mid-range rpms. The change made to the bike is truly amazing! This addition and changing my sprocket gearing are the two best things that I've done to the bike.

The install was very heads-up and the initial settings seem to be just right.

Fletcher Clark (Mississippi)


Thanks for all the help dialing in my DL1K3 with the Dobeck EFI Supertune tuner unit.  Using your settings, my V-Strom 1000 has smoothed out in the areas where the V-Strom’s are notorious to have problems.  Right off idle it gets going in 1st gear much more smoothly and rolling on after upshifts is smooth now, without the snatchiness I had before.  The big thing I have seen is 6th gear is very useable (doesn’t feel like it’s straining when rolling on at 70 mph) now at the speeds I run on the Interstate here in Colorado.  It will pull from a lower rpm without the strain in the other gears as well.  I played with the settings on my own, but ended right back where you started me. 

The difference is very real. With all that said, my gas mileage has stayed right in the mid-40’s.  You have always been right in telling me exactly how much better my bikes will feel once I am done the work.  Keep in mind I haven’t even put on the 16T front sprocket or slip-ons…

Anyone that wants to improve their DL 1000 has to trust you and Holeshot Performance.  I know I have the best running bike possible and the personal advice and help won’t be found elsewhere. 

Cheers back at you, Dale.

Howard Bonser (Colorado Springs)


First of all I want to say your Holeshot Supertune tuner has made me fall back in love with my dl1000. The difference in how my bike runs is night and day. No back firing, no cutting out, no hesitation, it runs like it is supposed to. This shows that you really do your homework.The bike runs great so I'm not changing a thing unless you suggest otherwise.

Dave Doran