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Owner Testimonials

Yamaha Road Star Warrior
Dale I want to thank you and your wife for the great service you provided. When I asked for the Holeshot header for my Warrior last September I have to admit that when you asked me to wait till Winter that I figured I would never see it. You are a man of your word and I didn't get to say that to you the times we talked on the phone. I did get it installed over the weekend and rode in this morning, wow what a fun ride. I can feel a difference between my old Pro Pipe and your pipe. Yours falls right in the sweet spot where I like it. I'll get the bike tuned here shortly since I'm a little rich right now but as you know that just means it will really scream once I have it all set. By the way I posted a comment on our forum about you and also what we had talked about our last conversation and figured I would drop you the link so you can see it.


Thanks again Scott W (Manchester, Tennessee)
Wow, Holy #%*@, These things rock. Dale this set up you've created is awesome. I installed them on Saturday, along with a power-commander (no air-intake yet) and it just hauls. The Torque alone is phenomenal. Speed shifting on the Warrior never gave me much exitement, now it feels like a super-charger is on the bike. Thanks so much for a great product and ease of installation. I'll send you some pics of my 2005 Warrior Midnight soon.

Thanks, sincerely, Yeri "Dutch" van der Wiel
I couldn't be happier with my Warrior header. It is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to my bike.

Thanks, Brian Eubanks (Spring City, Tennessee)
Dale you make a heck of a MUFFLER! My bike sounds insane. Keep up the good work! Thanx a bunch. Rick
Received the slip-on today and insalled it. Looks and sounds awesome!!! The performance is great. Thanks for building a quality product! Mike Workman
Dear Dale

You not only make awesome high performance motorcycle parts and give great tech advise, but your also very dedicated to your customers past and present. Dale your truly a valued asset to the motorcycle world and I can't thank you enough.Rick (San Diego, California)